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Lakewood Apartment Fire Seriously Injures 1

Updated on: 5/12/2020

One person was seriously hurt and several others left without a home as a 2 alarm fire burned through a Lakewood apartment complex early Monday morning. 

According to West Pierce Fire & Rescue the fire started around 2 a.m. at the Pacific Ridge apartment complex on Lincoln Ave Sw where multiple units were already in flames when firefighters arrived. 

No details have been released at this time on the exact injuries sustained by the individual who was transported to the hospital that night, but it has been reported he was in stable condition, and no other injuries have been reported at this time. 

Dramatic accounts of the fire have come from residents of the apartment complex and neighbors as they recount seeing residents help others out of the burning building like we see in the video below. 

As many as 16 units were damaged due to the blaze and at this time the cause of the fire is still unknown. 

Legal Rights for Victims Of Residential Fires

When someone is burned in a blaze that is was not their fault they have the same rights as car accident victims to make a recovery whether due to the negligence of an individual or premises liability

If it is found that the complex was not current on their inspections of preventative devices or had failed inspections recently or is even discovered to have had fire hazards in the investigation that is taking place after the blaze, than the victims in the fire could have a claim for premises liability against the owners and management of the complex. 

Similarly if it is found that the fire is caused by the negligent actions of a resident in the complex, it is the responsibility of the landlords to provide fire safety equipment and if the provided equipment fails or isn't there at all than that opens up the landlords and even potentially the manufactures of faulty equipment for a claim. 

The cost of medical treatment from a burn can be high and the pain and suffering caused by burn injuries extreme, with many burn victims facing permanent scarring and disfigurement and disability. 

Seeking Legal Help For Burn Victims

Burn injury victims like the ones in this case can face a tough road to recovery and an even tougher road to a personal injury claim than car accident victims

Victims should look for experienced burn accident attorneys like Davis Law Group with a track record of results for clients who can prove premises liability and understand the factors that make a case unique. 

Davis Law Group has been handling complex personal injury, car accident, burn and premises liability cases for victims in Washington State for more than 20-years and understands that no two cases are alike. That's why we offer free comprehensive case evaluations for accident victims to help them understand their claim and decide for themselves if they need an attorney. 

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident or fire and have questions about your case, call the team of expert personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group to request your free case evaluation today.

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