Lack of Motorcycle Endorsements a Danger to Drivers

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The largest issue for the motorcycle community: the lack of motorcycle endorsements.

If you are new to the motorcycle community, you will learn that it takes several months to reserve a spot in a motorcycle safety course. The main reason is due to the lack of funds for the program and the supply doesn’t meet the demand. What generally happens, is that a person that just bought a motorcycle doesn’t want to wait three months to ride, so they end up riding before they take the course.

To better understand this issue, approximately 35,000 motorcyclists in Washington State are riding without an endorsement. For the riders who receive an endorsement, they pay $25 every five years.

This money is used for the state safety program. Therefore, for those who do not pay, the state loses $170,000 each year as a result of those motorcyclists who are riding but are not endorsed.

The consequence for riding without an endorsement is just $71.

If Washington State Patrol discovers a motorcyclist that is not endorsed, they are liable for your safety and are required by law to tow your motorcycle. Therefore, if the patrol releases you, the state is liable if you crash and injure someone.

Many people say, “I’ve been riding since I was a teenager, I don’t need an endorsement.”

However, if you were to observe a group of motorcyclist, you would be able to spot an unendorsed driver versus an endorsed driver. Typically, those who are not educated do not understand the concept of diagonal positioning, which is a huge safety hazard to others on the road.

Of the riders killed each year in motorcycle accidents in Washington State, unendorsed riders account for 28% of these fatalities.

Washington State permits endorsements from 32 states to be recognized by a Washington license. It appears that more states will be accepted in the near future.

Davis Law Group has seen many motorcycle accidents, associated with riders who do not have an endorsement. Through much experience with these cases as a personal injury attorney, it is worth it to wait to ride your motorcycle until you can attend a course.

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