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L&I Investigators Announce Findings and Over $100k in Serious Citations from Seattle Crane Collapse

Updated on: 11/25/2019

Investigators came forward Wednesday with announcements of their findings looking into the tragic crane collapse on Mercer Street this past April.

What Happened?

According to L&I investigators after crews struggled to remove the “Slewing Cab Assembly” the section of the crane containing the cab where operators would be.

It was while preparing to attempt to remove that section again, crews below began to remove safety pins and sleeves from the structure of the crane.

It was at this time that a gust of wind estimated to be traveling as fast as 45 to 50 miles per hour which put too much stress on a no longer secured metal structure of the tower, allowing it to tear as the tower collapsed into separate sections due to the missing pins and sleeves.

Who Was Responsible?

In total five different companies were investigated for their involvement in the collapse, with 3 receiving serious or harsher citations.

Of the three companies cited, two were sited for “three serious violations.”

GLY construction was cited for lacking site supervision, an assembly director, and for not following procedures for assembly/ disassembly of a tower crane.

Northwest Tower Crane was cited for not following dismantling procedures, not properly training crew, and not positioning crew to ensure their safety.

Finally, Morrow Equipment Company was given “one serious willful violation” for not following disassembly procedures as the only qualified on site expert. Willful violations are given when the company knowingly ignores safe practices or is indifferent to workplace safety.

In all, the three companies were cited a total of just over $100,000 by L&I investigators for their role in the unsafe disassembly practices that lead to the collapse of the crane, and four deaths.

What’s This Means for Victims

$100,000 of fines between the three cited companies is only the beginning of the next chapter for those who’s lives were impacted by this tragic incident from last April.

The facts gathered, and citations given allow victims and their family members a step towards more closure as they begin to have a better understanding of what caused this horrific scene.

Family of the two that were killed in their car, the two killed in the cabin of the crane and those injured on the ground as well all have legal recourse to pursue damages against those responsible for the accident on the construction site.

The citations provide a clear picture of exactly which parties hold an amount of responsibility for the accident as well as including an abundance of evidence and expertise that would otherwise be incumbent on the victim and their representation to gather.

Why Representation Matters

While the public nature of this accident and the citations does much of the work on behalf of the victims and their representation in terms of proving liability, determining a value of damages and presenting said claims in settlement talks or in front of a jury.

The L&I citations provide a roadmap for liability, but the $107,000 in fines is not representative of damages that could exceed far beyond that amount for all parties injured in this accident.  

With the help of an experienced attorney victims of accidents like this one can achieve a more complete recovery with the strong guidance and advocacy from their attorney on their side.

While discussing a settlement with insurance, experienced attorneys like the team at Davis Law Group know how to negotiate with the other side and won’t let their insurance company take advantage of their client.

Throughout negotiations an attorney will be working on building your case in preparation for the possibility that negotiations will fail, and the case will need to go to trial.

Davis Law Group has represented victims from multiple high-profile cases like the crane collapse and has a proven track record of getting victims the recoveries they deserve whether through a settlement before trial, or in court.

 If you or a loved one was injured in an accident and think you could use a team of wrongful death attorneys like Davis Law Group on your side, call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page to request a free case evaluation today.

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