Kia Optima Recalled for Transmission Shifter Cable Issue

More than 70,000 Kia Optima midsize sedans are being recalled due to transmission problems that have the potential for cars to roll while in park.

The models that are affected are years 2006 to 2008.

According to reports filed by the NHTSA, Kia said the transmission shifter cable was installed incorrectly and can become detached from the shifter. This is a huge issue because if the cable comes off, the vehicle will stay in the last gear used, even if the driver put the transmission in the park.

"If the driver leaves the vehicle without engaging the parking brake, there is a possibility that the vehicle can roll, creating the risk of a crash," Kia said.

Since the recall, there have not been any reported injuries due to the transmission issue. The recall has already started and will be notifying all owners by mail. Drivers are advise to ALWAYS use the parking brake when shifting into park. This is extremely important to do, until you can get your vehicle inspected at a dealership.

Dealers will inspect the cable in 2006 to 2008 models and will reinstall it if necessary for free. If you are an owner of a Kia and have further questions, call (800) 333-4542.

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