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Citing First Amendment, Judge Denies King County's Motion To Silence Davis Law Group's 'Call for Witnesses'

Updated on: 2/22/2023

A Pierce County judge on Thursday denied a motion brought by King County earlier this month to effectively silence Davis Law Group's attempts to locate witnesses to a catastrophic bicycle collision in the Tukwila area in 2017. 

King County filed a motion for injunctive relief on February 8th in response to a series of TV and radio advertisements that we published and aired in an effort to locate the person(s) responsible for painting fluorescent markings on a particular section of the Green River Trail in Tukwila, sometime around the year 2009. These advertisements have generated a significant response in just a few short weeks, and we are hopeful that we will locate these important witnesses so that we can continue to fight for justice for our client. 

In its motion, King County asked the Court to order Davis Law Group to "cease future airplay of the advertisement on local media," and also to "remove the advertisement from YouTube, any Davis Law Group affiliated websites, and any other internet platforms." The attorneys at Davis Law Group argued that the County's motion was a violation of not only the First Amendment but the constitution itself. 

On Thursday, Judge Susan B. Adams ruled that King County failed to meete the elements necessary to grant injunctive relief, much less adequately deal with the constitutional impact on free speech. 

"I am very pleased by the court's decision to deny King County's motion for injunctive relief in this case," says Chris Davis, founder of Davis Law Group and lead attorney on the case. "We look forward to continuing our pursuit for justice on behalf of our client and holding King County accountable for the damages he has suffered over the last 6 years." 

Media Inquiries

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