Is There A Coca-Cola Truck Crash Epidemic?

Coca Cola truck accident

As part of Davis Law Group's investigation into motor vehicle accidents involving Coke trucks for one of our current clients who was involved in a Coca-Cola semi-truck collision, a simple internet news search identified more than a dozen accidents nationwide involving Coke vehicles in the last 12 months.  

At Least 15 Major Coke Truck Accidents In 12 States Over The Last 12 Months

Note: Data compiled on 10/29/18.

  1. November (2017), a Coke truck malfunctioned causing it to split in half and spilling debris near Lincoln, Nebraska.
  2. January (2018), man dies after the car he was driving went under part of a Coca-Cola 18-wheeler in Greenville, South Carolina.
  3. January, a jackknifed Coca-Cola tractor-trailer causes an accident on I-95 near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  4. March, a 29-year-old woman died in a crash with a Coca-Cola Bottling Company truck in Bristol, Virginia.
  5. March, Coke delivery truck drives with the lift in the raised position collides with a railroad bridge then fell onto a car in Oklahoma City.
  6. April, a woman was killed and another person was injured in a Fulton County, Georgia crash involving Coca-Cola truck.
  7. April, a semi truck crash involving a Coca-Cola delivery truck closed down traffic for hours near Flint, Michigan.
  8. April, a Coca-Cola employee driving a red pickup truck on State Route 260 crosses the centerline and sideswiped a Jeep before crashing into a motor home in Gila County, Arizona.
  9. May, overturned Coca-Cola truck accident on I-75 South at the I-16 Eastbound split in Bibb County, Georgia.
  10. June, a semi carrying 77,000 pounds of Coca-Cola on a Utah highway tipped over after driver tries to avoid traffic from separate crash.
  11. August, a truck filled with Coca Cola product rolls over near Guthrie, Nebraska.
  12. August, Coca-Cola 18-wheeler hits SUV head-on before veering off into a nearby wooded area in Carlyss, Louisiana.
  13. October, a Coca-Cola truck slammed into a CSX overpass bridge in Tonawanda, New York.
  14. October, there was a fatal rollover wreck involving a Coca-Cola truck near Sebring, Florida.
  15. October, Coke truck crashes on Highway 99 West near Dundee, Oregon.

The Coca-Cola Company has had serious, well-publicized safety problems in the past, including a 2012 Coca-Cola was hit with a $21 Million distracted driving judgment for an injury accident caused by a Coke driver who was talking on her cell phone at the time of the collision.  The case does emphasize the need for all companies to have a clear cell phone use policy for their drivers. 

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