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Interim Lynden Police Chief Succumbs To Injuries After Being Hit By Car

Updated on: 11/25/2019

Just a day after being struck by a car on the night of the 5th the interim chief of the Lynden police has passed away at Harborview Medical Center. 

The Chief was struck while crossing the street the evening of Tuesday the 5th and was transported to Harborview medical center. 

It has been reported that the chief was not in a crosswalk and the teenage driver that struck him may not have had his headlights on at the time of the collision.

The driver was cooperating with investigators and at this time it is not believed that speed, drugs, or alcohol were a factor in the incident. 

Headlights And Pedestrian Accidents

This time of year, as our days become continually shorter, the sun continues to set earlier and earlier, effecting the habits of drivers. 

Beyond the already well documented increased number of collisions the first Monday of daylight savings time, more hours of darkness can spell danger for drivers and pedestrians on the road.  

State law requires drivers use their headlights 30 minutes after sunset and a half hour before sunrise, or if there is insufficient light or bad weather impacting visibility.

According to the Washington State Patrol release, the collision occurred around 5:25, while sunset was at 4:43 at the time of the incident, meaning by law, the driver who struck the police chief was required to have their headlights on. 

Whether or not the chief was in a cross walk, pedestrians have a benefit of the doubt when it comes to accident liability and it is the duty of both parties to act reasonably and responsibly to prevent a collision. By failing to use their headlights, the 19 year old behind the wheel appears to have committed an easily avoidable error that has turned out to be a fatal mistake.

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