Show Your Seattle Pride With This List of Horrible Drivers

Updated on: 2/15/2019

Seattle worst drivers

Insurance companies often conduct studies about their policyholders to find trends and other data that might have a correlation to their likelihood of being involved in an accident. To the insurance companies, this is a way of determining how much of a financial risk their policyholders are to the company’s overall bottom line.

Allstate Insurance uses data about its policyholders on an annual basis to evaluate how often people in a particular city are likely to be involved in an accident. It should be noted that this data is subjective, because a particular insurance company will only be able to utilize data about its own customers, and drivers purchase insurance through companies other than Allstate.

To determine which cities and states are home to the best and worst drivers, Allstate Insurance aggregated data based on how often drivers are involved in motor vehicle accidents.

For example, Allstate’s data identified that drivers in Fort Collins, Colo. were involved in a traffic accident once every 13.9 years. Conversely, drivers in Washington, D.C. were involved in an accident once every 4.8 years, which was the highest accident rate in Allstate’s study.

The Cities With The Worst Drivers

Data for the top-ten ranked cities, as well as notable cities in the northwest and throughout the rest of the country, is noted in the table below. What do you think about Allstate’s rankings? Do you think Seattle drivers are really that bad, or that the company should consider other factors besides accident rate?

1.   Fort Collins, Colo. (161) - 13.9 years between accidents

2.   Boise, Idaho (101) – 13.9 years between accidents

3.   Sioux Falls, SD (148) – 12.8 years between accidents

4.   Brownsville, Texas (131) – 12.7 years between accidents

5.   Madison, Wis. (83) – 12.5 years between accidents

6.   Reno, Nev. (90) – 12.5 years between accidents

7.   Huntsville, Ala. (127) - 12.5 years between accidents

8.   Visalia, Calif. (193) – 12.3 years between accidents

9.   Montgomery, Ala. (107) – 11.9 years between accidents

10.  Eugene, Ore. (153) – 11.9 years between accidents

45.  Spokane (105) – 10.3 years between accidents

77.  Salem, Ore. (154) – 9.7 years between accidents

82.  Vancouver (145) – 9.5 years between accidents

144. Tacoma (110) – 8.1 years between accidents

154. Portland (27) – 7.9 years between accidents

160. Seattle (22) – 7.8 years between accidents

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