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Updated on: 4/7/2023

Settlement Graphic: Another Big Win! $1,800,000 settlement.










$1.8 Million Settlement for Injured Passenger

Davis Law Group has reached a $1.8 Million settlement for a 42-year-old woman injured as a passenger in a multi-party motor vehicle collision.


White text on a black background that reads another big win $14,000,000 settlement.

$2 Million for Low Speed Rear End Victim

Davis Law Group recovered $2,000,000 for the victim of a rear-end collision. 


call for witnesses

Witnesses Wanted in King County Lawsuit 

Davis Law Group is seeking people with information about these markings. 


image of white text on a blue background that reads $14 million confidential settlement

$14 Million Settlement for Injured Worker

Davis Law Group recovered $14 million confidential settlement for an injured worker.


Image of Chris Davis on a blue background with white text to the right that reads: the importance of UIM coverage for drivers in the PNW brought to you by Davis Law Group

UIM Is The Most Valuable Kind of Insurance You Can Have

This month we are focusing on the importance of insurance, especially in Washington. 


Image of a half full thermometer on a blue background with white text above that says donate and white text below that says now

Less Than A Month To Go Until Walk Like MADD

Help Davis Law Group reach our goal of $1000 for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 


Image of a person with an injured arm next to a question mark with white text reading

What Does 'Third Party' Mean

If you've been injured you may have come across the term 'third party' and not known what it meant. 


End card listing the DLG phone number and website

DUI Crashes

Summer is the worst time for drunk and impaired driving accidents. 


Image of a car that has crashed into the front window of a restaurant with white text above reading storefront crash lawyer

Vehicle Into Building Attorney

There has been a sharp increase in cases where people crash their cars into buildings lately. 


white text on a blue background with a rounded white square border. the text reads 5 ways to make boating safer this summer: wear life jackets, take safety classes, stay sober, maintain your vessel and stay alert

Make Summer On The Water As Safe As Possible

Summer is fully underway in Washington which means there are countless people on the water. Follow these tips to stay safe on the water. 


Pie chart showing 6.4% fatal, 19.2% serious and 74.4% other pedestrian accidents in 2021

Pedestrian Accidents Are On The Rise

After years of decline, pedestrian accidents and fatalities rose significantly last year. 


Image of the cover of Teen Drivers and the Law book with white text on the left side reading free, all on a blue background.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities For Your Teen Drivers

Just over a month into the 100 Deadliest Days, make sure you are prepared for when your kids start driving. 


white text on a blue background reading deaths during the 100 deadliest days the list reads 2021 661, 2020 574, 2019 538, 2018 539, 2017 563, 2016 536

Why Are The '100 Deadliest Days' So Deadly?

In Washington alone there are around 600 deaths annually during the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


White text on a blue background bordered with two white squares. The text reads every 51 minutes someone dies in an accident caused by a drunk driver. be part of the solution

Show Your Commitment To Ending Drunk Driving

Join Davis Law Group at Walk Like MADD this Septemeber as we raise money and awareness to end drunk driving. 


White text on a blue background. The text reads what happens after a DUI Accident. Everything you need to know about how to recover from a crash caused by a drunk or drugged driver.

What Are You Supposed To Do After A DUI Crash?

When someone gets behind the wheel drunk or high and causes a crash, they will likely face criminal charges, but what does that mean for the victims?


DLG Logo and MADD Logo on a blue background with an animation of a scrolling X between them

Davis Law Group Sponsors Walk Like MADD 2022

We are happy to announce that we have returned as a sponsor for the first in-person Walk Like MADD in over two years. 


Image of a motorcycle rider from their point of view riding in the middle of the street on a blue background with white text that reads land splitting?

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Washington? 

Lane splitting is when a motorcycle rider drives between two lanes, and it is illegal in Washington. 


Image of a Woman Wearing a Bike Helmet on a Blue Background with White Text That Reads Are Bike Helmets Required in Washington?

Are Bike Helmets Required in Washington?

There is no state law requiring riders of any age to wear a bicycle helmet, but plenty of counties and other municipalities have their own laws requiring them. 


White text on a blue background. The text reads what to do after a motorcycle accident. Get medical treatment, find witnesses, contact an experienced attorney

Motorcycle Safety Only Goes So Far

Despite how much caution people use, accidents still happen. It's important to take the right steps afterward to ensure the best possible recovery. 


bicycle and motorcycle book

Cyclist Safety Month

Get a free copy of one of our books about cycliing accidents, either motorcycle or bicycle. 


Image with a blue background and a white square with white text that reads how to prove an at-fault driver was texting while driving and a bulleted list reading driver admissions, cell phone records, witness testimony and video evidence

How can you prove someone was texting while driving?

An insurance company will do all they can to deny a claim, so finding evidence that an at-fault driver was texting is vital for the legal team working on the case. 


image of a driver with a cell phone in their right hand on a blue background with white text reading $545,000 Settlement For A Man Rear-Ended By Distracted Driver

$545,000 Settlement For Man Hit By Distracted Driver

Our client suffered many injuries, some requiring spinal surgery, after being rear-ended by a distracted driver. 


Image of a Woman Driving With a Small Dog on Her Lap On a Blue Background With White Text Reading Are Pets Driving Distractions

Can You Drive With a Pet On Your Lap?

Most poeple have encountered a driver with a small dog on their lap, but what some may not know is that it is actually illegal. 



Image of a woman holding a phone while driving with a red circle with a line through it over the phone on a blue background with white text reading Can We Solve Distracted Driving?

April Is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

There has been an epidemic of accidents casued by distracted drivers, and these are most often caused by people texting. How do cell phone bans help?


Image of a Black Book Titled Brain Injury Law on a Blue Background With A Red Tag and White Text Reading Free

Brain Injuries Are Some of the Most Devastating

Victims with TBI should know their rights. 


Image of a brain scan on a blue background with white text that reads why do brain injuries have so many symptoms

Why Do Brain Injuries Have So Many Symptoms

The brain is one of the most complex but under-researched parts of our body.


Image of man climbing a ladder over blue background with white text reading

$225,000 Settlement for Maintenance Worker with TBI

This month is National Ladder Safety Month. TBI is one of the most common injuries in workplace accidents. Davis Law Group recovered a $225,000 settlement on behalf of a maintenance worker who had been hired to inspect a building and fell off a faulty ladder, resulting in a TBI.


10 myths about TBI

The Top 10 Myths About Traumatic Brain Injury

Education around what a TBI is and the effects it can have is still limited. 


brain injury spectrum

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild concussions to severe TBIs. 



Settlement: Pedestrian vs Motor Vehicle Accident $1,850,000

Serious pedestrian versus motor vehicle accident. A pedestrian represented by Davis Law Group was injured when hit by a motor vehicle as she crossed a marked crosswalk in a Seattle intersection.



Fatal Accidents are Rising During Pandemic

The research team at Davis Law Group examines a concerning trend in Washington accident statistics and its impact. 


Semi-Trucks Carry a Higher Standard of Care

Becuase their potential for harm is much greater than that of a standard vehicle, commercial vehicle drivers have a higher standard of care. 


February is American Heart Month

The importance of heart health extends beyond the doctor's office. Reducing the risk of heart attack can also reduce the risk of liability for a car accident caused by a medical emergency. 


Commercial Vehicles are Subject to Multiple Rules and Regulations 

Anything that is considered a commerical vehicle is held to multuple federal and state regualtions in order to keep the roads safe. 


What is a Commerical Vehicle? 

Commercial vehicles are classified by weight, but there are some exceptions depending on the intended use of the vehicle. 


Infections from Dog Bites Can Lead to Serious Problems

Did you know that due to the risk of serious infections, even a minor dog bite could cause serious or even life-threatening complications? 


Warnings Are Not a Replacement for Training

'Beware of Dog' signs offer incredibly limited protections from dog bite liability, and could even do harm to a case. 


Training Your Dog is Not the Only Way to be Prepared 

Even well-trained dogs carry some risk of biting somone. Having insurance that covers 


Have You Ever Seen a Law Firm Say They Work on a Contingency Fee Basis? 

What that means is that they don't get any money until you do. 


January is National Train Your Dog Month

Ensuring your dog is well-trained can help reduce the risk of any potential attacks or bites. 


Apartment Fire in Renton Monday Morning Injures Many

A fire broke out early Monday morning in Renton that led to two people being critically injured.


$1.3 Million Won for Child Bitten in the Face by Pit Bull

The team at Davis Law Group recovered a $1.3 million settlement on behalf of a child who was visiting a barbershop and was bitten in the face by a pit bull that was allowed to be on the premises. 


The Statue of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases is Three Years

In Washington, you have three years from the date of an incident to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires. 


$1.3 Million Settlement for Woman Who Suffered MBTI

A woman who was injured in an accident on SR-18 received a $1.3 million settlement earlier this year. 


Insurers Will Look For Any Reason to Reject Your Claim. 

The investigative stage of an insurance claim can be one of the most time-consuming parts of your recovery process. 


$857,000 Settlement for Black Ice Accident Involving Semi-Truck. 

A woman who was injured in an accidnet caused partly by black was recieved an $857,000 settlement thanks to the work of the legal team at Davis Law Group. 


Nearly 20% of Winter Weather Accidents Resulted in Injuries.

With just 12 days left before Christmas, it is time for the 12 days of Davis 2021. This year we're highlighting seasonal info along with case results and more!
Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 winter weather collisions last holiday season resulted in injuries?
Learn how to avoid dangerous winter weather collisions in the article linked above. 


In reality, slip and fall accidents are very serious.

Although they are sometimes portrayed as minor, slip and falls cause real hardship for people. 


Washington Electric Scooter Accident Attorneys

Electric Scooters are becoming more and more popular around cities, and along with a rise in popularity comes a rise in accidents. 


Right of Way Laws Apply to Even the Most Complex Intersections

Complex intersections, like the notorious 7-way stop in Queen Anne, may cause some confusion over right of way. However, the same laws apply regardless of the numeber of intersecting streets. 


Phillips CPAP and BiPAP Recall Lawsuit

Phillips Respironics recently issued a recall on a number of their CPAP and BiPAP machines, as well as some of its ventilators.

The noise reduction foam they used in these devices has been linked to a number of serious health effects.


$875,000 Settlement for UPS Driver Attacked by Pit Bulls

You may have seen the story on the news four years ago now, a UPS driver attacked by Pit Bulls left to fight for his life until help arrived.

Now, four years, over 150 stitches, and countless hours of pain, discomfort, treatment, and therapy later, we are proud to announce we have reached an $875,000 settlement for his claim.


Sometimes, lawyers that seem super eager to take your case are worse.

Things that may seem enticing from a lawyer can actually be unethical practices. Your potential attorney should treat your case with care and keep your best interest at the forefront of the consultation. 


You May Be Entitled To Insurance Company Tendies

Did you know hiring the right lawyer on average means a recovery 3.5 times higher than what you would get on your own?


The 100 Deadliest Days 2021 Provided Some Misleading Statistics 

A slight decrease in serious or fatal accidents from 2020 to 2021 and the total number of all accident types nearly tripleing led to some interesting statistics when broken down by county.  


Settlement Mills Be Like...

Having an attorney who's willing to bring your case to trial is the only way to be sure that you're getting the best possible result for your claim. 


Paying For Medical Bills After A Pedestrian or Bicycle Accident

Did you know: the at-fault driver's personal injury protection, or PIP, applies to bicyclists and pedestrians, not just other motorists, in the event of an accident.


The Importance of a Personal Injury Lawyer's Trial Experience 

If you're ever looking for a lawyer, make sure you check their trial history. Experience and success at trial is a key component to a great lawyer. 


The Value of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is dollar for dollar, one of the most valuable kinds of car insurance you can have.


Tukwila Apartment Fire Kills Three 

Two adults and one child have died in an apartment fire that started early Tuesday morning. 


DLG Staff Celebrates Wedding And Birthday of Paralegal.

A double celebration for one of our paralegals, Lea. We’re glad to have you on our team!


Not sure if you're speaking with a Settlement Mill?

Willingness to go to trial is one of the biggest bargaining chips a firm can hold, and insurance companies know who's willing to take them to court.

After a "final offer" of just $25,000 before filing suit, we reached a $5 Million settlement for our client weeks before court.


Wishing a great weekend to everyone except for settlement mills

Contingency Fees allow everyone access to the legal system without paying massive upfront costs, but not all fees are alike.

Davis Law Group Announces Partnership With Jamaican National Basketball Team

The sponsorship, which will provide improved travel opportunities, amenities, and other benefits for the team in their quest to qualify for the 2023 FIBA World Cup.


DLG Recovers $4,000,000 for the Family of Homeless Man Killed by a Driver in Seattle.

A homeless man that was sleeping on the ground in a convenience store parking lot was run over by a pick-up truck and trailer while the driver was on the job in Seattle.

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