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Cycling is an increasing part of our everyday lives.
Not only is cycling part of a healthy lifestyle, but it also saves energy and provides a greener alternative to motor vehicles.

However, bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries and even death. They can result in a lifetime of pain, a diminished lifestyle, or the loss of a loved one. If such tragedies are to be avoided, then what is required is to support organizations and programs dedicated to making our roads safer for everyone. Everyone, cyclists and motorists, should educated themselves about the issues, how to improve safety and understand their rights and duties.

Bicycle resources

League of American Bicyclists ( Advocacy group promoting bicycle rights and safety on the local and national level.

Bicycle Club Cascade ( Seattle-based 13,000 member non-profit cycling organization dedicated to creating a better community through bicycling.

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute ( National organization that provides education the importance of bicycle helmets, how to choose a helmet, and teachings kids to ride safely. ( Resource site with a lot of safety advice as well as examples of successful pro-bicycle safety lawsuits against municipalities. ( Bicycle advocacy group with advice on organizing community action.

Bike Smart (

Bicycle education page from the Seattle city government Bicycle Alliance of Seattle ( Advocacy group dedicated to increasing bicycle readership infrastructure, legislation and education.

Alliance for Biking and Walking
( North American coalition of grassroots bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations. ( Bicycle education resource site with online tutorials.

BikeWise ( Site dedicated to bicycle crashes, hazards and thefts.

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