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Illinois Man Files Lawsuit over Police Dog Bite

Updated on: 6/1/2018

A man from Bloomington, IL is suing the Bloomington Police Department (BPD) in relation to an August 2011 incident in which the man was bitten by the department’s police dog.

According to court documents, Michael King is seeking more than $50,000 for the injuries he sustained in the August 1, 2011 attack. King alleges that John Heinlen of the BPD was involved in a foot chase of suspected criminals with other officers on the day of the incident when Archie, the department’s police dog, bit King on the legs and buttocks while he was sitting on the porch of his own home.

King says he had no connection to the police activity that prompted the release of Archie, but the dog was unrestrained and able to attack the man at his home. He filed a complaint with the city over the dog bite injuries but it was deemed “unfounded” by administrators.

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