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How Photo And Video Evidence Can Help Your Car Accident Case

Updated on: 2/15/2019

You know from watching law-related TV shows and movies that in order to prove any case in the court of law, you need evidence. And while it would be nice if everyone in the country had access to a top-of-the-line crime scene investigation team, the reality is that preserving the necessary evidence for a car accident case isn’t always easy.

Photos and videos of the accident that caused your injuries can be very useful in helping to prove your claim (or disprove the other party’s claim) and also give you leverage when it comes to negotiating with the insurance companies if there are disputes over certain facts of the incident.

Establishing Liability

Photos and video of the scene of the collision can be particularly helpful in establishing liability, or who is at fault for the car accident and therefore financially responsible for paying for the damages that resulted.

With the increased availability and affordability of in-dash video cameras, the availability of video footage is proving to be more common in modern day personal injury claims than in the past. And since dashcam video provides a first-person viewpoint of the collision as it occurs, accident victims have an opportunity to prove their side of the story with physical irrefutable evidence.

Taking photos of the scene immediately after the collision occurs can also be very useful in car accident cases. A visual representation of the collision (before the vehicles have been moved off of the roadway, of course) usually allows investigators to piece together how the accident occurred and who is at fault.

Supporting Your Injury Claim

Video and photographic evidence can also provide important context for a car accident. Dashcam video can help to illustrate the severity of a crash, which can help support a victim’s personal injury claim if the insurance company is disputing the severity of the victim’s injuries.

For example, providing video footage proving that a crash occurred at a high-speed can help support a claim for serious injuries. Photos of a mangled car that had to be ripped apart in order to remove the injured person from the vehicle would also help support a claim in a stronger way than simply making the claim without any proof.

Extending The Life Of The Case

Preserving photographic and video evidence is important in the event of a car accident, as the average personal injury case can take several months or even years to be resolved. It is essential that an accident victim stores the evidence in a safe place or gives it to their attorney for preservation in the event it is needed to support the claim or if a lawsuit needs to be filed and the case goes to trial.

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