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How is Fault Determined in Catastrophic Accidents?

Updated on: 11/7/2019

It may be difficult to determine fault for catastrophic injuries, but not impossible. Generally, at the scene of the accident, there is usually only party directly involved at the scene. The difficult part of these cases is that there may be many other parties whose behavior played roles in causing the injuries.

Catastrophic injuries are defined as injuries that cause victims to suffer extensive monetary damages. To determine how much your case is worth, or to determine who is at fault depending on evidence, consult with a professional. A personal injury would be the best resource for the situation.

Any party that may be possible liability for your injuries should be investigated. As a personal injury law firm, we also remind our clients that every case is unique therefore most factors of a lawsuit depend on the individual story.

Various parties may be held responsible in an accident

If you were injured by someone who was on the job. If a person injures another person while on the job, the employer is liable for your injuries. A common example of this is if you are driving a delivery truck and you hit another vehicle on the road. The delivery truck of the company will be liable for the driver’s actions. Remember, this is only for employees that are on duty at the time of the accident.

Vehicle owners may be responsible for other people’s actions. This depends on the state laws, but it may be possible that the owner of the vehicle is liable for injuries caused by the operation of that vehicle. Depending on state law, this may extend to car rental or leasing companies.

Manufacturers or sellers of products may be responsible. There are such things as defective products. These defective products may be the cause or contribution to a catastrophic injury.

Defective means that the material was made unsafely or improperly. Therefore if the defect of a product was a contributing factor to your injury, the manufacturer or seller of the product may be held responsible.

Medical personnel may be held responsible. If you are improperly diagnosed or mistreated for injuries, the medical professionals may be held responsible.

As you can see through the examples, you can understand how it is not always the person who primarily injured you that is held responsible. As a highly experienced personal injury attorney, Christopher M. Davis has seen several personal injury cases with unique circumstances. He has the expertise to understand your story and uncover the parties who may be liable for your injuries. Call Davis Law Group at (206) 727-4000 to schedule your free consultation.
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