Hospital Transplant Error Leaves 5 People With HIV-Infection

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medical malpractice transplant
A hospital in Taiwan completed five organ transplants - that were all HIV-infected. Five different recipients received the various organs, including a heart, lungs, liver and two kidneys. The recipients are being treated with drugs for AIDS.

Due to this hospital error, the recipients will contract HIV at the same time they are receiving anti-rejection drugs for their new organs; two treatments that are opposite of each other.

It is reported that the hospital staff member thought he heard that the HIV test on the donor was “non-reactive,” which was incorrect.

The health department in Taiwan is describing this malpractice as “appalling negligence.”

Clearly, there needs to be a new protocol or system for transplants, if it is this easy to be confused. What would stop this mix-up from happening again? It is possible that the hospital is negligent for failing to conduct a detailed health history of the donor.

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