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Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Motorcyclist, Then Pepper-Sprays Witness

Updated on: 11/22/2019

A hit-and-run driver struck and killed a motorcyclist, pepper-sprayed a witness and then fled the scene, according to the Washington State Patrol. The incident occurred in a Granite Falls roundabout around 6 p.m. Sunday. 

Police say the fatal collision occurred at the intersection of Quarry and Burn roads. The at-fault driver, the motorcyclist and the driver of another vehicle were all circling through the roundabout. The at-fault driver’s vehicle hit the motorcyclist, then the suspect pepper-sprayed the driver of the other vehicle. 

The motorcyclist, a 29-year-old Lake Stevens man, was killed. 

The at-fault driver, a 22-year-old Lake Stevens man, fled from the scene but was stopped about a mile and a half from the crash at State Route 92 and 84th Street just outside Granite Falls. He was arrested and booked into jail for investigation of vehicular homicide.

The case has been turned over to the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office. Investigators say they don't believe the at-fault driver and the motorcyclist knew each other.

Common Causes Of Roundabout Accidents

The State of Washington has around 120 roundabouts. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, collisions at roundabouts typically aren’t as severe as other impacts for the simple reason that these wrecks usually occur at lower speeds than routine traffic. The United States Department of Transportation agrees: severe crashes are reduced by about 80 percent thanks to roundabouts.

While roundabouts do reduce the severity, they don’t eliminate accidents altogether. That’s especially the case when pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists are involved – those groups are always at greater risk in collisions with motor vehicles. 

The following are some common causes of roundabout accidents and injuries:

  • Drivers entering the roundabout too fast
  • Vehicles hitting the center circle and passengers getting injured
  • Sideswipe accidents
  • Failure to yield and collisions when vehicles enter a roundabout
  • Rear-end accidents resulting in back injuries, whiplash, etc.
  • Pedestrians hit in crosswalks

Make no mistake, severe, life-threatening injuries can occur in roundabouts, even at low speeds. As you can see in the case above, fatalities are even possible. After an accident, it is important to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal rights. If severe injuries or death is involved you will often receive drastically more compensation with an attorney. 

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