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One Injured by Hit and Run Driver In Downtown Seattle Monday

Updated on: 10/11/2021

A pedestrian was struck and injured by a hit and run driver in downtown Seattle Monday morning. 

The pedestrian was injured near the intersection of Madison St and Boren Ave just before 8:00 Monday where police received reports of a serious collision.

The driver had reportedly left the scene and has still not been identified at this time. 

The victim was transported to Harborview medical center with undisclosed injuries. 

Understanding Pedestrian Hit and Run Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are devastating enough when the at-fault driver is known, but the added element of this being a hit-and-run accident makes the prospect of recovery that much harder potentially for victims. 

Without knowing the extent of the injuries sustained by the pedestrian in this accident it is impossible to speculate on the specifics of the case. 

Fleeing the scene of an accident is potentially a felony which for the purposes of a personal injury claim simplifies the process of determining fault after the accident. 

Once an at-fault driver is identified the accident victim can begin communicating with their insurance company, but should be cautious to avoid signing any early settlement offers to avoid letting the insurance company off easy. 

Accident victims unsure of how to proceed with their claim should always reach out to an experienced team of car accident attorneys like the team at Davis Law Group to better understand their case and the recovery process. 

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