Hiring an Attorney After a Dog Bite

dog bite attorneyNational Dog Bite Prevention Week took place from May 20-26 in the United States this year, and although many advocacy groups and organizations throughout the country constantly strive to spread awareness, dog bites are almost inevitable, especially with children.

Awareness Week Often Followed by Bites

Following the national prevention week, some states have already declared spikes in the number of dog bite cases received by animal control departments for 2012. The awareness campaigns are timely, too, as the frequency of dog bites typically jumps significantly as summer begins.

“May and June are typically the months that our office starts to receive a greater number of calls about dog bite accidents,” says Seattle dog bite attorney Christopher M. Davis, founder of the Davis Law Group. “No one ever knows when a dog is going to attack; it’s just a matter of chance.”  

In the unfortunate chance that a dog does bite, it is always important that victims are prepared and know their legal options. That’s why Mr. Davis wrote When the Dog Bites: The Essential Guide to Dog Bite Claims in Washington State, a free legal guide for dog bite victims in Washington.

Protect the Kids

Since summer time opens up even more exciting doors for young children than the rest of us, it is important that parents understand the reality of dog bite risks for kids.

 “Kids are often playing in the street, in their neighborhoods, riding their bikes, and parents can easily lose track of them,” Mr. Davis adds. “The next thing they know, the kid approaches an unfriendly dog and gets bitten.”

Children account for at least half of all recorded dog bites throughout the country. And because they are underdeveloped and frailer than adults, the injuries and emotional trauma are typically much more serious.

Bites are Common in Western Washington

A recent study by the United States Postal Service showed that Seattle and Tacoma ranked in the top 25 U.S. cities with the highest number of dog attacks on postal carriers in 2011. Los Angeles was first on the list with 83 attacks last year, while Seattle had 28 and Tacoma had 18.

All dog bite cases are different, and you typically should only hire a lawyer if the damages are extreme, and/or if the case is extremely complicated. A helpful general rule is that the more extensive the injuries are, the more likely that you will need the representation of an experienced dog bite attorney in Seattle.

You can order your free copy of Mr. Davis’s book, When the Dog Bites, by visiting the Washington Accident Books website.

Seattle Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog bites can result in serious injuries, expensive medical bills and serious psychological trauma. If you have suffered from a dog bite or serious attack, the Davis Law Group can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys have the skill and experience necessary to represent victims of dog bites and attacks. Contact the Davis Law Group today at 206-727-4000 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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