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High Speed Crash Seriously Injures 2 in Auburn

Updated on: 8/5/2020

A driver in Auburn attempted to pass a truck at high speed when they collided with a third vehicle, seriously injuring two people. 

The crash took place near Southeast Green Valley Road where the driver of a Subaru attempted to pass an F-150 at high speed when it collided head on with a red Mercedes.

The passenger of the Subaru and a driver in the red Mercedes were transported to Harborview medical center with the Subaru passenger in critical condition and the driver from the Mercedes in serious condition. 

The accident comes just two days after speed related accident in the same area and among countless other reports of extreme speeds across our state from Washington State Patrol troopers. 

Legal Rights For Victims Of High Speed Accidents

Both the driver of the Mercedes who was hit as well as the passenger of the Subaru who appears to be at fault could have similar rights in this accident, depending on the relationship of the passenger and the driver within the Subaru. 

When a driver violates their duty of due care and causes an accident, that duty extends to all other drivers on the road and the passengers within their vehicle. 

Speeding makes an accident more dangerous by increasing the amount of damage caused in an impact with another vehicle while simultaneously giving the driver of the speeding vehicle and other vehicles on the road. 

When speed is involved in an accident, drivers can be charged with reckless driving among other charges which can simplify the process of assigning fault after the accident for the purposes of a personal injury claim.   

Assigning fault is the first step in any personal injury claim, however the evaluation of damages that comes after is just as crucial.

Understanding Damages After a Car Accident

Understanding damages after a car accident can be a long and complicated process that insurance companies may try to "simplify" for accident victims by offering a quick settlement immediately after an accident.

While the idea of simplifying a process and getting compensated after a serious injury accident can sound like it's in your best interest, Davis Law Group never recommends accepting a settlement out of desperation because accident victims only have one opportunity to settle their claim and damages can add up fast. 

If a driver accepts a settlement that covers your initial hospital bill and a few days off work but nothing else, if they need long term care like physical therapy or massage, or even additional surgeries down the line, these expenses would be be totally out of their own pocket. 

Davis Law Group helps our clients track any and all expenses and manage care related to their accident so that when they have physically recovered we can negotiate on their behalf with the insurance company and get them the settlement they deserve. 

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, Davis Law Group is here to help, we offer free case evaluations for accident victims and their family members ot help understand the recovery process and ensure you can go down the right path for your personal injury case.

To request your free case evaluation with the expert car accident attorneys at Davis Law Group, call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page 24/7.  



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