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Updated on: 5/31/2018

A couple book reviews have been emailed to us from people that received a free accident book. We are glad they have found the information helpful.

The book is very informative and gives you a great insight on what do or not to do if you happen to be involved in a car wreck. The way the book is written makes it easy for highly educated individuals or a regular Joe to understand if they follow the directions and guidelines provided in the information. It is hard for me to imagine how you can improve the book, since it already easy to read and understand. Great job and thanks for sharing.
-Artis C.


The book was very informative and the card for the vehicle was very helpful wish I had 2 more for my other cars. The book really lets you know the doe’s and don’t. I was in a accident about 3 yrs ago and the other person didn’t have insurance and I suffered a Neck injury but didn’t know about some of the things that was covered in the book. Had I known I would have been a lot better so thanks for the book and I will use it and improve my knowledge on accidents.
-David M.

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