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Headaches Are Common In Children With Traumatic Brain Injury

Updated on: 11/11/2019

The leading medical journal, Pediatrics, recently reported that headaches are a common complaint among children following a concussion or other form of traumatic brain injury.  These headaches can continue for up to a year following the initial injury.

According to the study children that have suffered a concussion or other head injury are far more likely to report headaches than kids that have suffered other types of injuries. Surprisingly the research showed that girls were typically at a greater risk of suffering from post-concussion headaches than their male counterparts.

Headaches can impact sleep, can cause concentration and learning problems at school, and can trigger personality changes.

For three months the researchers tracked more than 400 children who had visited the ER with a brain injury -- 402 kids had a mild injury and 60 kids had a moderate or severe injury.  Forty-three out of every 100 kids who experienced a mild brain injury complained of headaches months later. Among kids with moderate or severe brain injuries, 37 out of every 100 complained of headaches.  

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