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Head-On Crash Injures 5 Near Quincy

Updated on: 9/30/2020

Five people including three children were injured in a head-on collision Saturday afternoon near Quincy. 

The crash occurred on Road 5-Northwest where a 27-year-old was driving west until attempting to turn onto Road T-Northwest where the second vehicle driven by a 41-year-old man with multiple passengers. 

The vehicle that was struck contained the 41-year-old driver as well as a 34-year-old woman and children aged 14,12, and 10.

Thankfully all parties involved including the children appear to have only sustained minor injuries. 

Authorities have stated that DUI is not suspected at this time but the 27-year-old was cited for second-degree negligent driving for his role in the collision. 

Crashes Involving Minors. 

While this accident does not appear to have caused any major injuries at this time, if one of the children involved in the accident does develop symptoms, the process for legal recovery on behalf of children is unique.

Parents have the right to pursue a personal injury claim on behalf of their children under the age of 18, as they would ultimately be responsible for the costs of the care for the children. 

While the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Washington State is normally three years, that three-year clock does not start for personal injuries involving children until their 18th birthday when they could potentially independently pursue the claims themselves as adults. 

Handling the delicate world of child personal injury accidents can be challenging, choosing whether to pursue a claim or not can impact the child's ability to heal or pursue a claim in the future. 

If you're a parent or guardian and have questions about injuries to minors, Davis Law Group is here to help, offering free case evaluations to accident victims and their family members. 

To request your free case evaluation with the experienced child injury attorneys at Davis Law Group call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page today. 

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