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Happy Be Kind to Lawyers Day!

Updated on: 7/8/2020

At Davis Law Group, we usually pay attention to national days, weeks, and months focused on raising awareness of safety issues. These yearly awareness events help safety educators work together to bring crucial topics to the top of people’s minds. Today, we get to celebrate a less tragic cause, but one that’s still near and dear to us.

Be Kind to Lawyers Day takes place on the second Tuesday in April. The annual event was started by a man named Steve Hughes. Steve wasn’t a lawyer himself, but he did work with them as a presentation skills coach. He noticed that when he described his job to friends and acquaintances, he would almost always hear jokes or sympathy about the difficulty of being forced to work with lawyers.

Steve loved working with lawyers, and he wanted the world to know about it. After some research, he picked a date between April Fool’s Day (April 1st) and U.S. Tax Day (April 15th) as the time of year when lawyers most need some levity in their lives. He also created an official Be Kind to Lawyers Day website with cool lawyer facts and tips on how to celebrate lawyers.

Our Favorite Lawyers in Pop Culture

If you’re new to celebrating lawyers, Steve suggests starting by contemplating your favorite fictional legal professionals. These are a few of our favorites:

1) Atticus Finch: Ever since To Kill a Mockingbird was published, Atticus Finch has been a role model for legal representatives around the world. Finch’s devotion to justice for his client in the face of intolerance and prejudice makes him one of our favorite fictional lawyers.

2) Vincent “Vinny” LaGuardia Gambini: We definitely don’t recommend behaving like Vinny in the courtroom. But Vinny, played by Joe Pesci in the 1992 film My Cousin Vinny, has some of the traits we love to see in a lawyer. Although he’s not an experienced attorney, his quick thinking and attention to detail save his client in the end.

3) Elle Woods: Again, we don’t recommend Elle’s unusual courtroom antics, but we do admire her devotion to the legal field. Reese Witherspoon’s iconic Legally Blonde character might not look like a typical law school student, but she’s smart enough to attend Harvard, get a prestigious internship, and poke holes in a murder case.

Davis Law Group Celebrates Our Lawyers

Of course, Davis Law Group doesn’t just have to celebrate fictional lawyers today. We have two experienced, hard-working personal injury lawyers on our team, and we’ll make sure to let them know how much we appreciate them this Tuesday.

Attorney Christopher Davis has nearly 25 of experience as a personal injury lawyer in Washington state. In addition to founding Davis Law Group, P.S., Chris wrote the popular Washington Accident Books™ series; won awards including Personal Injury Attorney of the Year, Top 10 Personal Injury Attorneys in Washington State, 10.0 Superb Rating, Super Lawyer, and Best Attorneys of America; and appeared on media programs including CNN, KING5, KIRO7, KOMO4, and Q13Fox as a legal expert.



Attorney Maridith Ramsey has been a devoted advocate for justice since her first internship in law school. Her extensive experience includes work on complex personal injury cases, mass tort litigations, and defective drug cases. Maridith also worked pro bono with Family Law CASA.




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