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Greatest Legal Underdogs of All Time [Infographic]

Updated on: 11/13/2019

There is a stereotype present throughout the legal industry that only big-time lawyers and law firms are capable of winning high-profile cases – you know, the ones that are worth tens of millions or even billions of dollars. Davis Law Group is dedicated to recovering the best possible result for all of our personal injury clients, which is why we can appreciate all of the other big-time lawyers who have made a difference in the world. 

But in a number of some of the largest cases to go to litigation in United States history, the attorneys and other legal representatives involved were either unknown names in the legal industry or had little to no experience in actual litigation at all. Regardless of their reputations, these legal underdogs successfully won some of the largest verdicts and judgments in the country’s history.

Take a look at the Infographic below, let us know what you think and share it with your friends:

The Greatest Legal Underdogs of All Time
Source: Best Paralegal Schools Online

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