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Automobile Recall Issues At Toyota

Updated on: 11/7/2019

There was recently a huge recall for automobile manufactured by Toyota Corp. The recall prompted Congress to request an analysis of the effectiveness of the vehicle defect recalls. In June 2011 there was a report released with findings and recommendations.

The NHTSA can’t require used-car dealerships to notify potential buyers of a safety defect or that they have to fix the problem before it sells. Therefore, a dealer may not be aware of this recall and in the report is was uncovered toyota recallthat over 20,000 members told consumers that there were not recalls, when in actuality they had no idea.

Other used-car dealers said they usually do not even receive recall notices at all. These notices are only sent to franchises.

This is extremely important for consumers to know that NHTSA provides the public with guidance and information on safety recalls. Or, you can visit the website
There is also a database maintained by NHTSA where the public can search for recalls by entering year, make and model of the vehicle. The website also offers guidance on how to handle a recall, if your vehicle is to be affected.

If you believe you have been injured in an accident caused by an auto defect, you should contact an attorney immediately.

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