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German Couple killed after a Jeep Goes Through Fence onto Beach

Updated on: 6/26/2019

A couple visiting from Germany are dead after 71-year-old David E. Croswell drove his Jeep through a fence and onto a beach where they were run over.

Witnesses describe the jeep driving trough a fence and onto the beach where it struck a German couple who were lying on the beach just before 5p.m. on Tuesday.  The couple were visiting family in the area according to KOIN 6 news and had only just arrived a few days prior.

According to reports, after striking the couple, Croswell then continued driving through the beach before hitting a parking sign as he left the scene.

Local police eventually found Croswell that night just a half mile away from the scene after witness accounts and debris matching his vehicle connected him to the scene.

Wrongful Death Protections for Foreign Citizens

Until earlier this year, in order to file for wrongful death in Washington State a foreign citizen would need to have family members living in the states who are financially dependent on them.

It was after the ride the ducks crash in 2015 that lawmakers took aim at changing that policy to allow foreign citizens like the students on the bus and others who simply may not have dependents in the states to file in cases of wrongful death.  

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