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Experts Warn of Dangers from Fireworks and Drunk Driving this Independence Day

Updated on: 11/25/2019

Fireworks are on sale in select cities and counties across Washington from June 28th through the 5th of July this year and while they may still be legal in some areas, experts recommend using extreme caution if you plan to take part in personal or neighborhood displays.

While many cities around the state have banned the use of personal fireworks and offer larger scale community displays every year people across the state flood to firework stands where they are permitted.

The Washington State Fire Marshal reported recently that last year, Fourth of July celebrations lead to more than 200 injuries and nearly 100 separate fireworks related fires including over 70 wildfires.

These numbers are fairy consistent with years prior, in a report on 2017 the state fire marshal’s office listed 262 injuries with 83 fires causing an estimated $59,200 in damages.

While the majority of these injuries are burns, or burn related, in 2017, total injury numbers included as many as 26 amputations, 10 broken bones and 5 incidents of loss of hearing or sight. The most common causes of fireworks related injuries is simply standing too close, followed by holding fireworks, and lighting or relighting fireworks, meaning that just because you’re not necessarily handling fireworks, does not mean you’re not at risk.

As of July 1st, multiple cases of fires and property damage from illegal fireworks have already been reported, including this report of a brush fire that could lead to a ban in Dupont, and this family having a window blown up into their home in Everett where fireworks have are already outlawed.

Even those attempting to avoid the danger of personal firework displays by traveling to community shows are not avoiding all additional risks this fourth of July as the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSA) report that in 2017, 237 people were killed in crashes involving a drunk driver.

Celebrating Independence Day Safely

The team here at Davis Law Group encourage everyone to celebrate Independence Day safely and avoid taking any unnecessary risks whether it be with Fireworks or driving impaired. Unfortunately, we also understand that even if you avoid risky behavior yourself, that doesn’t protect you from those around you.  

Keep an eye out for dangerous fireworks practices and if a friend or family member has had too much to drink, make sure they have a plan to get home safely.

We can’t prevent every accident or poor choice, but by encouraging those around us to make smarter choices, we can reduce the risk collectively for those around us.

If tragedy does strike however, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group is here to help. If you or a loved one is victim to drunk driving or negligent handling of explosives like fireworks, you may be entitled to damages beyond any initial settlement or offer.

You can call 206-747-4000 or use the chat or contact form options below to request a free no obligation consultation with our award-winning team of attorney’s to determine what would be best for your case. 
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