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Evaluation Form For Finding the Best Attorney For Your Personal Injury Case

Updated on: 11/13/2019

Trying to choose the best attorney to handle your personal injury case? 
Use this scorecard for a side-by-side comparison of the lawyers you are evaluating.

how to choose a top-notch attorney If you have been injured in an accident or have lost a family member you need quality legal representation--sound legal strategy that will protect your legal rights.  But if you have never hired a lawyer before it may be difficult to know where to start your search for a qualified personal injury attorney

How do you measure a lawyer's quality?   How do you compare the dozens of 'super lawyers' that come up in Internet searches?  How do you choose the law firm that can give you outstanding client service, sound legal representation and give you the advantage when negotiating with insurance companies?  Who is the best lawyer for you?

To get an exceptional result you will want a highly successful, accomplished legal team with extraordinary qualifications and superior skill.  You want a law firm that has that has experience with cases that are similar to yours.  You need an accomplished litigator that gets impressive jury awards in the court room but also can successfully negotiate, mediate or arbitrate to get large settlements without going to trial.  Look for an attorney with a distinguished, illustrious career handling high-profile cases as well as smaller cases.  Of course, you want top-notch lawyer with a reputation for helping to make positive changes to the law or raise public awareness of important safety issues.   You certainly want someone who is recognized by professional legal organizations; trusted by community leaders; endorsed by legal experts; has received awards for their service, and to whom the media turns for legal commentary and analysis on important legal issues.  And finally, and most importantly, you want a lawyer that has satisfied former clients that happily give excellent testimonials, five-star ratings, and write positive reviews.

This form is designed to assist you in evaluating the qualifications of the attorneys or law firms that you are considering to help handle your personal injury case.  

Download the Personal Injuiry Attorney Comparison Chart & Evaluation Form

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