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DUI Crash in Downtown Seattle Seriously Injures 4 Friday Morning

Updated on: 5/21/2020

drunk driving accident lyftA drunk driver ran a red light, striking another vehicle with four passengers inside, pinning the car between a tree and a building early Friday morning. Police responded to reports a serious car accident just after 2 a.m. Friday morning on the corner of Madison St and Boren Ave in Downtown Seattle.

The four passengers in the white Hyundai that was struck were extracted and transported to Harborview with serious injuries. The driver of the car that ran the red light was not injured and found to be impaired at the scene according to police, and was arrested.

The white Hyundai that was struck did have Lyft markings but at this time there is no information on whether or not the driver was working at the time.

Multiple Injury Collisions and Ride Share Accidents.

Whether or not the passengers in the car that was struck were Lyft passengers or not is an interesting question that could lead to different insurance resolutions at the end of the day.

As Lyft passengers, victims are covered by their insurance policies, but if the accident were not caused by the Lyft driver than the at fault driver would become the primary source of compensation.

If however, the at fault driver does not carry insurance, carries limited insurance, or is even potentially unknown in the case of hit and runs, Lyft does carry UIM coverage, but this is only available in those specific cases.

In the case of this crash, whether Lyft passengers or not, all injured parties would appear to have the same insurance available to draw from unless the driver of the other car does not carry insurance.

In accidents with multiple victims, insurance policies have per person and per accident limits, meaning that the four injured parties may have to cooperate in settling with the at fault driver’s insurance.

If the driver carries for instance a $100,000 per person limit and a $200,000 per accident limit, that means no one person in an accident can’t settle for larger than $100,000, but all four must settle for a total no greater than the $200,000 policy limits.

Other Legal Issues Affecting Lyft Accident Claims

This is another way that Lyft’s UIM coverage may come into play as if the at fault drivers coverage does not cover the extent of all the passengers damages then it could be the next resource available for recovery.

At that point injured parties would have likely had to all but settle with the at fault driver to show exactly how much each individual would be able to recover, at which time it would be each individual parties responsibility to attempt to settle for the remainder of their damages with the Lyft UIM plan.

Negotiating a UIM settlement can be challenging, especially with the insurance attained by a larger corporation like rideshare companies, Uber and Lyft, that’s why having a strong team of Ride Share Accident Attorneys on your side is crucial to insuring a fair and complete recovery.

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