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Drunk Driver Arrested in Green Lake

Updated on: 3/6/2019

A man suspected of drunk driving near Green Lake was arrested Friday morning after he attempted to drive his vehicle at one Seattle police officer and struck multiple police vehicles.

The Seattle Police Department says officers responded to a call about a suspected drunk driver on Densmore Avenue North in Green Lake at approximately 12:30 a.m. Friday. The car was parked with the driver still inside, and police officers ordered the man numerous times to step away from his vehicle.

The driver ignored the officers’ commands and began driving away from the scene with one flat tire. Officers eventually caught up with the suspect and attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the driver continued to ignore their orders. The man eventually stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road at the north end of Green Lake, but still refused to get out of his car.

Police officers began approaching the car, prompting the man to put the vehicle into reverse and accelerate with his driver’s side door open. The open door struck one officer as the man accelerated, and the car ended up colliding with two patrol vehicles. The driver attempted to flee the scene on foot but was apprehended and booked into the King County Jail shortly after. The officer did not sustain serious injuries and was released from the scene of the DUI car accident.

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