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Drivers Flee Scene After Crash Injures Three on Mercer Island

Updated on: 4/21/2021

A high-speed collision on I-90 in Mercer Island Monday morning left three people injured and three fleeing the scene before being apprehended by state troopers. 

Troopers responded to the scene of the collision around 2:30 a.m. on Westbound I-90 near east mercer way.

According to state troopers, two men and a woman from one of the vehicles fled the scene on foot before being located and taken into custody. 

The three injured parties all sustained minor injuries according to initial reporting, but were transported to local hospitals for evaluation. 

Investigators have not released a cause of the collision or whether or not they believe drugs or alcohol were a factor. 

Accident Victims Options When Drivers Flee The Scene 

While fleeing the scene is not a direct admission of guilt or causation, it is the case more often than not that those individuals are running for a reason and in many cases it turns out that the driver was intoxicated or otherwise unfit to drive at the time of the crash. 

For an accident victim, this reality is a double edged sword, as the question of who is at fault is seemingly resolved, the question of whether or not there is coverage and how much loomes ever larger. 

Accident victims who have little to no liability coverage to go to after a collision must rely entirely on their own policies in many cases, specifically using any Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Personal Injury Protection they carried to pay for the damages. 

Unfortunately, even though it is your own policy insurance companies can still play hardball before offering a reasonable settlement, even violating the Washington State Insurance Fair Conduct Act in some cases in order to avoid paying accident victims their due. 

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident and the insurance companies aren't playing by the rules, you can hold them accountable just like many other accident victims have by filing a claim against them with an experienced team of bad faith insurance attorneys like the team at Davis Law Group. 

Davis Law Group has recovered millions on behalf of accident victims for their insurance fair conduct violations alone and is here to help if you or a loved one believe you may have a claim, you can call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page to request a free case evaluation with our case investigators who can help you better understand your rights and the best path forward for your claim. 

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