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Drivers Speed in School Zones, Raising Risk of Child Injury

Updated on: 11/7/2019

speeding in school zones enforcement

Officers are reminding drivers in Seattle and surrounding cities to be more aware of school zones and to slow down.

Officers with the Aggressive Drivers Response Team issued a report today regarding tickets they have already given – just since last week, the beginning of the school year.

In school zones just on Wednesday, seven tickets were issued and 19 additional tickets were given on Aurora Avenue and SW Admiral Way.
The patrols will still be out to enforce the speed limits and seat belt safety, as well as keep drivers off of their cell phones in hopes of reducing the chances of a car accident in these school zones.

Here is the breakdown thus far:

40 mph zone on Aurora Ave N
  • 1 ticket at 68 mph
  • 1 ticket at 57 mph
  • 3 tickets at 56 mph
  • 3 tickets at 55 mph
  • 3 tickets for lack of proof of insurance

30 mph zone on SW Admiral Way

  • 2 tickets at 47 mph
  • 1 ticket at 46 mph
  • 4 tickets at 45 mph
  • 1 ticket for lack of proof of insurance

20 mph zone by Roxhill Elementary School

  • 1 ticket at 34 mph
  • 2 tickets at 33 mph
  • 1 ticket at 29 mph

20 mph zone by Arbor Heights Elementary School

  • 1 ticket at 33 mph
  • 1 ticket at 30 mph
  • 2 tickets at 29 mph
  • 1 ticket for lack of proof of insurance

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