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Driver Injured After Earth Mover Plummets Hundreds Of Feet Down Embankment.

Updated on: 3/9/2020

A Longview man working as a contractor at a landfill in Zillah Washington was injured when his earth mover plummeted more than 700 yards. 

The accident happened after the transmission failed on the machine, which made the driver lose control, as the vehicle picked up speed racing down the 700 yard embankment before becoming airborne for as much as another 150 yards before crashing into the ground and rolling upside down. 

The driver inside the machine was wearing a seat belt and was transported to Virginia Mason Memorial by ambulance, but appears to have managed to escape serious injuries despite the extreme nature of the incident. 

Work Site Accidents

The prolific nature of construction in our state means that accidents on job sites are unfortunately nothing new. While the crane collapse on Mercer Street in downtown Seattle made headlines, it was not the only incident in the area. 

More recently, a dump truck made the news when it lost control and crashed into a subway restaurant, injuring five in Seattle historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. 

Thankfully this incident only involved one person, and at this time they do not appear to have sustained major injuries, but even an ambulance ride to the hospital can cost enough to put he average person in financial trouble. 

Reports indicated a transmission failure is what appears to have been responsible for the incident but more information could come out indicating other factors or even factors that lead up to the failure. 

Whether the injured party has serious injuries that will leave them with permanent soft tissue damage or is simply sidelined for several days, weeks or months, there are common mistakes that accident victims make that can damage their case that should be avoided.  

1. Never sign anything releasing insurance or any other party of liability until a clear picture of all injuries and all at fault parties are understood. 

Insurance companies may try to settle quickly by offering an amount quickly to cover initial medical or other costs, but accepting this payment often includes signing a release of liability, meaning if the bills continue to stack up, you can't go back for more. 

2. Continue any medical treatment regularly and keep good records.

Any gaps in medical coverage could be used by opposing counsel to question the validity or severity of the injuries sustained in the accident. Don't wait to see a doctor and don't delay in follow up visits or seeing specialists. 

3. Gather all the information available and begin seeking out any additional information.

Police reports, press releases and even news articles are useful information, but don't contain all the information that could be useful in a personal injury case. Conducting independent investigations and hiring independent experts can be a crucial part in uncovering the true value of personal injury cases. 

Hopefully, the driver in this incident is not seriously injured as reported and this accident does not leave him out of work for any length of time, but if anyone is injured in an accident and has questions about how to handle their recovery, it is important to speak with experts to help understand all of the options available. 

Davis Law Group offers free case evaluations to accident victims in the state of Washington with our award wining team of case investigators and personal injury attorneys offering their expertise to those who need it. 

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