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Dog Bites Most Common Among Animal Attacks

Updated on: 11/7/2019

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Animal attacks and bites vary widely from cats, raccoons, opossums and others – yet dogs are responsible for most animals bites and attacks.

A 15-year-old girl suffered from serious cuts to her head after their family dog attacked her with no cause. The dog, a border collie and German shorthair cross, bit a 3-centimeter cut on her head, resulting in four staples. When any animal bites occur, it is required that they are reported. After the incident, the dog was immediately held at a local animal shelter, where he will remain for 10 days per city code.

The dog was evaluated and labeled as not dangerous.

Why Dangerous Dog Designations Are Important

When a dog attacks, there are many things that are taken into consideration; determining whether the dog or animal is vicious, potentially dangerous or dangerous. This could include the severity of the injury, if it is a repeat offense, and physical and behavioral characteristics.

To be characterized as vicious, the dog must have scratched or bitten without provocation. Generally, the owners are given a ticket.

A dog that is characterized as potentially dangerous has caused harm to a person or animal through scratching or biting, but the injury is not serious. Owners are usually required to microchip these dogs. A dangerous dog is one that has caused serious injury to someone. These animals are usually removed from the city of euthanized. City and state laws differ.

If you believe a dog or other animal is dangerous, it is recommended to contact a city official who can assist with your concern. If you have been the victim of an animal attack, contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately who can explain to you your legal rights.

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