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Distracted Driver Causes Fatal Crash in Yakima County

Updated on: 11/22/2019

yakima co collisionDistracted driving is the apparent cause of a fatality collision that happened Saturday morning in Yakima County, according to the Washington State Patrol. 

The incident occurred at 7:40 a.m. at the intersection of Mountainview Road and Old Prosser Road in Grandview. 

A 23-year-old California man ran a stop sign and crashed into another car, killing the 59-year-old Mabton man driving. The causing driver told police he got an incoming call, reached down to answer it and the next thing he knew he was upside down.

The causing driver was uninjured and was arrested for vehicular homicide, which is a Class A felony in Washington. The maximum penalty is life in prison.

The investigation is ongoing. Washington State Patrol has taken over the case.

Location of the Collision

Distracted Driving in Washington

Washington state is just over a year into its new distracted driving law, which prohibits the use of any electronic device behind the wheel. The law is so strict that it does not allow drivers to hold a phone in their hand while driving, even if the phone is not in use.

If caught breaking the distracted driving law the first ticket will cost $136 and the second is $234.

Drivers can also receive a $99 fine for other distractions, including grooming, applying makeup, smoking, eating, or reading.

Distracted Driving = Negligence

By proving that another driver was distracted when the accident occurred, you may be able to increase your chance of winning a personal injury lawsuit. All drivers have a duty to safely operate a vehicle, and by using a cell phone behind the wheel, a driver is breaking that promise to other drivers. 

That constitutes negligence, and negligence is the key piece in personal injury cases.

Proving that a driver caused an accident because of distraction takes competent, thorough attorneys. At Seattle-based Davis Law Group, P.S., our personal injury attorneys will fully examine the accident scene, review police reports, search phone records, interview witnesses, and look at every way of determining the true cause of your accident.

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