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Did All State Insurance Company Treat You Right?

Updated on: 3/8/2019

Who is All State Insurance?

good hands all state insurance reviewsFounded in 1931, All State remains a very popular insurance option for drivers in the United States. The insurance company offers thirteen different lines of insurance, with the most common being auto, home and life insurance.

Their slogan “You’re in Good Hands” is widely known and played on many commercials and throughout many other advertising channels. They are worth about $131 billion in total assets. They approximately serve more than 16 million households.


  • Founded in 1931, long history making it a most sustainable company
  • Many office available nationwide making it convenient for residents to access All State’s services in their community
  • A+ Company Rating by Best Insurance Reports
  • In the United States, All State is the second largest personal lines insurer
Ranked #1 Worst Insurer by American Association for Justice in 2008
  • Most common customer complaint: ‘enticement’ premiums because they are known for raising your premium later
  • “It is not insurance if you have to pay for everything” – customer
  • All State provides your contact information for research companies – lack of client confidentiality
  • Confusing claims process and bad faith insurance practices

You be the judge - Are you really in ‘Good Hands’ with All State or any insurance company?

I hit something in the road...damaged my oil pan..caused damage to my motor..on my 2013 insurance company refuse to pay..saying it was my fault..I had a claim open.police report..and the thing that I hit witch was a water sewer cover...the state farm adjusted. .said I should have punctured a hole in my oil pan and I was leaking oil light came on my vehicle...I had no visual damage so I drove my car till I notice it wasn't right..I took it straight to the dealer..thats when they found the damage..after they removed the oil pan cover..and saw the a single mother..and use my car for work....have it sitting at the dealer with a messed up of 5,000..damage with a car loan..with state farm bank..I have no clue how im going to pay for it...when I cartied full coverage on it with one will help me...state farm was very inconsiderate and very rude...I have pictures of what hit and the hole in the road...and the water cover..I took to the police station...shame on u state farm ..
by Brenda predmore January 28, 2014 at 09:25 PM
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