Delivery Truck Accident Sends Pregnant Woman and Infant to Hospital

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A delivery truck accident sent a pregnant woman and a child to the hospital, after a Chevrolet Tahoe smashed into the back of the truck.

The woman driving the Tahoe was trapped for awhile before police rescued her.

The delivery truck driver told police that he stopped to make a delivery at a business when he was hit by the woman.

A worker said that he was not surprised to see an accident like this because of the speedy cars that typically go through the road. He drove the woman to the hospital.

"We've had people fly down this road all the time and it was just a matter of time before someone hit our Firestone truck," James Sousa said.

The 10 month old baby boy in the car suffered scrapes and bruises. There has been no update on the woman’s condition.

Delivery truck accidents can be very dangerous and sometimes fatal. Davis Law Group reminds you to be very cautious when driving near large trucks. Often times, the driver cannot see you approaching, especially when backing up. As a precaution, yield to delivery trucks.

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