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Davis Law Team Walks the Line to Raise Awareness

Updated on: 3/30/2020

As part of her role in the Washington State chapter of MADD Mischelle Davis was able to give a presentation to a group of Seahawks Rookies over the last several years which included walking them through a number of sobriety tests while wearing impairment simulation goggles or "Drunk Goggles." 

The goggles are engineered to simulate both the physical and visual effects of impairment at various strengths depending on the lens. 

Our team tried to walk the line wearing some that were meant to simulate an amount over the legal limit but within range of what officers find on the road every day and the results are clear, no one should be attempting to drive like this. 

As a group with drunk driving accident attorneys, it's important we have a perspective on just what we're dealing with when we represent clients who have been hurt by drunk drivers. 

Mischelle's involvement in, and our whole teams support for the Washington Chapter of MADD is incredibly important to us as in our mission to advocate for victims and continue to educate drivers across our state. Make a plan, get a ride, don't drink and drive. 

Chris Davis
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Chris Davis is the founder of Davis Law Group, P.S. in Seattle, WA.
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