Davis Law Office: Which One Is Which?

Updated on: 2/27/2019

There are multiple lawyers with the last name Davis practicing law in downtown Seattle.  Clients, potential clients, insurance adjusters, and others can easily be confused when searching for ‘Davis law office’ or ‘Davis law firm’.  

davis law office

Chris Davis, Attorney at Law

Our office occasionally gets calls that are intended for one of the other attorney’s offices.  When that happens our receptionist tries to help misdirected callers figure out which firm they were actually wanting to call.  But some other firms do not extend the same professional courtesy and instead try to take advantage of confused callers that intended to contact our firm.  Those firms are essentially profiting from our good reputation and the caller’s confusion.

If you are searching for an attorney named Davis but can’t recall the first name you may wish to double-check before dialing.  

Difference Between Davis Law Office And Davis Law Firm

Any practicing attorney with the surname Davis can call themselves Davis Law Office---even if they work within another law firm.  Several lawyers in Seattle with solo practices or small law firms founded by attorneys named Davis are operating law offices in the area.

Law Office of Christopher Michael Davis does business as Davis Law Group, P.S.. Our founder, attorney Chris Davis, is the author of the free legal guide book series Washington Accident Books.   

Our Davis law firm handles personal injury and wrongful death law cases.  Several of the other Davis law offices specialize in criminal law, business law, and family law matters.  

Again, if internet search results are confusing take a few minutes to research and review before picking up the phone to call.

Mischelle Davis
The Lawyer's Wife
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