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Davis Law Group Offering Support to Other Seattle Area Attorneys Amid Outbreak

Updated on: 3/24/2020

The challenges presented by the Covid-19 outbreak coming from the life care center in Kirkland have hit small business in our region incredibly hard, with restaurants and bars taking the brunt of State ordered closures, forcing some to close for good. 

While there have been no orders that would close or prevent a Law Office to remain open, the challenges never the less have impacted every office in our region, even forcing some to close their doors or consider layoffs. 

Knowing the struggle the upcoming weeks could bring, Davis Law Group has implemented changes to protect our team and clients alike. 

How Is Davis Law Group Prepared To Withstand The Outbreak

Davis Law Group has not only outfitted each of our employees computers with remote access software to allow them to work from home in the event of a shelter in place order, but has provided computers for employees that need them.

With hand sanitizer throughout the office and in every office and workstation, disinfectant wipe downs multiple times a day, and regular guidance and communication on office health and safety, our office has remained a safe workplace for our team. 

Part of keeping our office safe is insuring that anyone who may feel unwell does not come into the office and either elects to work from home or take advantage of our generous sick time benefits. 

Finally Davis Law Group has committed to keeping all team members full time and fully paid regardless of situation for the time being and for the foreseeable future.

We know car accidents aren't going anywhere, our clients and their injuries aren't going anywhere, so neither are we or any of our team members. 

Supporting Other Seattle Area Law Offices

In times like this communities should be able to come together and support one another, even while maintaining safe social distancing. 

That is why as Personal Injury attorneys in the Seattle area, Davis Law Group is supporting other local attorneys through the challenges presented by Covid-19. 

We've seen offices close, with case loads that go unresolved, clients are left to pick up the pieces and scramble to find new representation, often with little time remaining on their statue of limitations (SOL)

Davis Law Group has always stood for advocating for accident victims above all else, which is why in times like these, we've made the decision to put the idea of competition aside and help these offices in the interests of their clients. 

If you've been in an accident and have questions about your case, or have been effected by Covid-19, Davis Law Group is here for you too. Call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page to request a free case evaluation with our team of award-winning personal injury attorneys

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