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Seattle Area Crash News Roundup 2-12-16

Updated on: 2/22/2019

school bus accident

School bus driver honored for heroism

A school bus driver was honored on Monday night in Olympia for his quick thinking in a dangerous situation. Last month, James Bratager was driving a bus full of middle school students to school when an oncoming car veered into his lane. Mr. Bratager’s quick but careful steering prevented both a head-on crash and a plunge into a nearby ditch. He told reporters, “To me the kids are the heroes in this. Because out of what happened, they all stayed calm, and they were willing to help.” 

Driver may have been distracted before collision with school bus

A driver who drifted into oncoming traffic may have been distracted by a cell phone before she slammed head-on into a school bus. Vancouver police told reporters that the only injury to a child in the collision was a minor scrape, but the driver who caused the crash was taken to a hospital with injuries. 

Police searching for semi truck driver after accident

Police are still searching for a semi truck driver involved in a crash in late January. Christine Osthimer was walking across the road when she was hit by the back corner of a flatbed trailer attached to a semi truck. The truck didn’t stop after the accident, and police believe the driver isn’t even aware that he or she severely injured someone. Anyone with information has been asked to call Officer Stewart at (360) 778-8762 or Sergeant James at (360) 778-8683. 

Impaired driver arrested for vehicular assault

A pedestrian accident in Spokane last Friday night left one person in the hospital and the other in jail. A man was trying to cross a busy street when he was struck by a car, sustaining life-threatening injuries including possible head injuries. A drug recognition expert brought in by the police suspected that the driver was under the influence of drugs. The driver tested positive for marijuana. He has spoken to reporters from jail, claiming that he did not see the man crossing the road and his failed drug test was due to a single hit of marijuana seven hours prior to the crash. 

Suspects sought in hit-and-run automobile crash

Two women were in a crash on Sunday when a black 1994 Honda Civic crossed the centerline and slammed into their car. A man described as “a white male in his 20s with no teeth” exited the Civic and ran into the woods before police could question him. A K-9 unit failed to track him down. Anyone with information about the suspect has been asked to call Deputy Andersson at 360-337-4634. 

13-year-old injured in car crash near Union Gap

A 13-year-old girl was transported to Harborview Medical Center on Monday night after a two-vehicle crash near Union Gap. 17-year-old Kelsey R. Hedrick failed to stop at a stop sign and plowed into a car driven by 16-year-old Tyler J. Peters. Mr. Peters was not injured in the crash.  The 17-year-old driver was transported to a local hospital with injuries. 

Man killed by suspected drunk driver

A man died after his vehicle was T-boned by a suspected drunk driver on Monday in Puyallup. Jose Gonzalez-Olaguez was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Investigators booked the 24-year-old driver of the other vehicle into Pierce County Jail on suspicion of vehicular homicide. 

Car crash causes blackout in Everett

A power outage affecting 2,300 customers in Everett on Wednesday was caused by a car accident on Airport Road. Crews were quickly mobilized to restore power to the area. 

Woman arrested in Yakima hit-and-run

Ronald Knowlton of Yakima was struck and killed in a bicycle accident on Saturday night. Police found and arrested the driver, who stopped after crashing into a parked truck. 

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