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Crash Near Emerald Downs May Have Been Caused By Street Racing

Updated on: 2/26/2019

A crash in Auburn at 2 a.m. on March 5th left at least one passenger severely injured. Police believe that street racing may have been a factor in the crash. They are also looking into the possibility that at least one driver involved in the crash may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drunk Driving Drag Race Turns Deadly

emerald downs DUI crash

The crash happened on B St NW, near a turn-in to the parking lot of the popular racing arena. Police do know that a black BMW and a Honda Civic were involved in the car accident, but they believe that there may have been other vehicles in the area as well.

Police believe that at least one injured passenger, Eric Gonzales, was removed from the scene by bystanders instead of being taken away by emergency services. Another passenger in a car not involved in the street race, Matthew Greenawald, was critically injured. Auburn police are asking anyone with information about the location of Eric Gonzales, or any other relevant facts about the crash, to call Sgt. Brian Williams at 253-876-1932.

Street racing is becoming a frequent cause of dangerous, often fatal, crashes in Western Washington. Police have sounded the alarm about street racing in Auburn and nearby cities, including Kent. While the streets of Seattle are hilly and often choked with obstacles or riddled with curves and roundabouts, neighboring towns have flat, straight streets that street racers all too often can’t resist.

According to local police, many street racers are coming in from out of town to take advantage of those features; Kent PD has reported catching cars from as far away as Oregon and British Columbia racing on their streets. A 2012 National Geographic investigation into the problem showed police trying to stem the tide of illegal activity—but there just aren’t enough cops on the road to catch every racer. 

B Street NW has a long flat, straight section near Emerald Downs. Street racers have been flouting the law there for years, and even posting footage of their illegal activities on YouTube.  

emerald downs DUI street racing crash police statement

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