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Crash in SoDo Leads to the Death of a Motorcyclists

Updated on: 11/13/2019

Motorcyclist Killed in a Crash in SoDo

Around 1:00 PM on Tuesday, firefighters and medics were immediately called to the scene after a crash occurred between a SUV and a motorcycle on E. Marginal Way and S. Spokane Street. By the time the firefighters and medics arrived, the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.  The driver of the SUV, age fifty-five, was taken to Harborview Medical Center as a precaution.

Officials have yet to release more information on how the motorcycle accident happened until further investigation. 

Legal Questions to Consider in a Motorcycle Accident

Whenever a family loses a loved one in a motorcycle accident, there are a number of legal questions that should be addressed immediately in order to determine the family’s legal options and how to move forward from such a tragic event.

As with all accidents, the first important factor to determine is whether there was any insurance coverage available to cover the loses that incurred from the accident. Because motorcycles are not required to carry insurance in Washington State, some motorcyclists do not have adequate coverage in a tragedy such as this. Both parties insurance policies should be investigated further to determine who’s coverage may apply. Some questions that the victim’s loved ones may want to ask include:

  • Who will pay for the medical bills if there is not adequate insurance coverage?
  • Did the at-fault driver have auto insurance that would cover the driver? If so, what were their policy limits?
  • Did the victim have coverage that would cover financial loses if the at-fault driver did not have sufficient coverage?
  • Have there been similar accidents on the road prior?
  • What are the traffic statistics on that particular intersection?
  • Is hiring an attorney the best decision that I can make for myself and my family?
  • Who will investigate the accident to determine liability?
  • What is a Survival Action?
  • How is a wrongful death claim filed in Washington State? 

Losing a loved one is never an easy situation to deal with. However, these legal questions must be addressed in order for victim's family to protect their legal rights. 

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