Closer Look: Dog Bite Lawsuits

Why Some Dog Bite Cases Are Not Accepted

To better understand how dog bite lawsuits work, review this case illustration. It may be similar to your case and/or answer questions you may have.

Davis Law Group was was contacted by the parents of a 15 year old boy who was severely injured by a dog on private property. It turns out the young boy had been trespassing on the dog owner’s property. While the boy was walking across the dog owner’s property, the animal chased him down and inflicted severe bite marks on the boy’s face, arms and legs.

The insurance company had a compelling argument. Mr. Davis could not find any evidence to show that the dog had bitten other trespassers before the boy was injured. Had this evidence existed, it might have been possible to argue that the dog owner knew that people walked across his property and that his dog represented a danger. With this prior knowledge, it might have been possible to argue that the dog owner was negligent for failing to keep trespassers off his property, or failed to control his dog, or failed to warn trespassers that they would encounter a dangerous dog.

Without such evidence, Mr. Davis had to decline the case.

At Davis Law Group, we want to help you get the justice you deserve however it is important to recognize that the facts of every case are unique and some cases will be more challenging to prove than others. Chris Davis, Seattle dog bite attorney, has nearly 20 years of experience in dog bite cases. Call Davis Law Group, (207) 727-4000, for a free consultation and get the legal advice you are looking for.

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