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Client Story: Insurance Companies Do Not Have Your Best Interests In Mind

Updated on: 11/13/2019

This previous client of the Davis Law Group was involved in a car accident that resulted in multiple serious injuries and left him with mounting medical bills. Despite the significant amount of damages he suffered from the accident, he initially decided to try and negotiate his claim with the insurance company.

However, he quickly found that Geico was not interested in presenting him with a reasonable settlement offer and the insurance adjuster even told him that he was at fault for the accident despite what the police report said.

After realizing that his attempts to deal with Geico alone were going nowhere fast, he got fed up and decided to seek the legal representation of a qualified personal injury attorney. Once the accident victim hired the Davis Law Group to handle his case, he quickly found that he no longer had to worry about dealing with the unethical business practices that are often employed by U.S. insurance companies.

Watch the video below for this previous client’s full account of his experience with the Davis Law Group and head on over to the Davis Law Group YouTube page to check out more client stories.

Video Transcription

I got in a car accident, the other person insurance company was Geico and they were stalling and trying to not pay. And I was just trying to work with Geico, you know, on their part, thinking 'you know, they will play fair with me' and they weren't. They were just like 'nope you're at fault here.'

And you know, they tried making me think it was my, I caused the accident, I was at fault, it wasn't their person. And they tried to you know 'oh well we are only going to pay a percentage of your bills.' And I was like 'no it's not going to work this way' and I came to the point where I couldn't deal with them anymore so I came here.

I did some research online and called around to a couple other places prior to here and this is the one I felt was the best, they are going to handle my case the best. Greg and Cindy were awesome; very knowledgeable, very helpful. I liked the fact that I could call up, you know, if I had any questions I could call any time and they were quick to return my calls and check at your legal rights first.

Don't try to negotiate with the companies on your own because they are definitely not in your best interest. So yeah, check out your legal rights and find an attorney to go with if need be.

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