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Client Story: Car Accident Victim Hires Davis Law Group Due to Severity of Accident

Updated on: 11/13/2019

This former Davis Law Group client was involved in a car accident in Washington state that left him with several broken bones and a long, difficult road to recovery. In addition, the victim and his family were facing mounting medical bills and were concerned that those bills could put them into a difficult financial situation.

The victim and his wife had the good sense to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney with experience handling car accident cases that involve serious injuries. After a difficult couple of years and lots of patience, the attorneys at the Davis Law Group were able to settle the man’s case with the insurance company.

Below is a first-hand account of the victim’s experiences working with the Davis Law Group and his advice to anyone who is injured because of a car accident in the future.

What I was told, because I can't remember from my accident because of the medicine they gave me at Harborview Medical, a 24-foot truck flipped over in front of me and I tried to avoid them and apparently I didn't avoid them very well. I hit him, hit the curb, the median, and flipped over three times and broke both my ankles, my left leg, my left arm and a few ribs.

My wife decided to get an attorney immediately because of the severity of the accident and we didn't know how far we were going to go in debt because I was in the ICU for 20 days.

My experience with the Davis Law Group has been very, very good. I like the reception, the people, Rory has been constantly able to answer any questions I have. It was really nice dealing with Rory the whole time.

I'd tell them to come here [to the Davis Law Group], because I like the responses and all of the work that you guys did for me.

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