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Chipotle Employee Taken to Hospital after Being Attacked by Customer

Updated on: 6/5/2018

An employee at a Seattle-area Chipotle restaurant was hospitalized Wednesday evening after a customer attacked him with a glass bottle of hot sauce.

You read that right: a glass bottle of hot sauce.

Witnesses to this bizarre incident at Third Avenue and Pike Street in downtown Seattle say a customer was leaving the restaurant at approximately 7:30 p.m. Wednesday when an employee wished the customer a good evening.

This apparently upset the customer, who immediately grabbed a glass bottle of hot sauce off the nearest table and bashed the employee in the face with it. The attack left lacerated the man's face according to police reports about the incident, and the employee was taken to a nearby hospital to receive stitches.

Police Locate, Arrest Hot Sauce Attacker

The alleged attacker immediately fled the restaurant on foot and bystanders who witnessed the incident called 911 to report his location to authorities. Police told reporters that they found the man shortly after, and that he was reportedly easy to identify because his clothes were covered in hot sauce and he was bleeding from his hand.

Medical personnel responded to the scene and treated the attacker for his hand injuries, and he was taken to King County Jail shortly afterwards where he was booked on assault charges. The victim was treated at an area hospital and received stitches for the injuries to his face, and there was no additional information regarding the extent of his injuries or his condition at the hospital.

There was no word on whether the attacker was upset because he had a negative experience at this particular Chipotle location. The restaurant boasts a 4.2-out-of-5 rating on and also has numerous positive reviews from customers. However, one disgruntled customer who was unhappy that he did not receive salad dressing on one occasion did leave this message on the restaurant’s Google+ page:

There was no word on whether or not “Robert” was the name of the suspect who was taken into custody.

I am pretty sure that you meant to write "alleged attacker covered in..."
by Dave Barnes October 17, 2013 at 05:46 PM
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