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Child Safety Week: Study Finds Busy Parents Add to Risk of Injury

Updated on: 11/13/2019

The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), a United Kingdom-based charity that works to reduce injuries and fatalities among children and young people, hosts Child Safety Week during the fourth week of June each year. In conjunction with CAPT’s 2012 education campaign, the group has released the results of an extensive study that looked at the potential connection between the economic downturn and child safety. To say the least, the results of the study were surprising and the authors successfully proved that there are a lot of external factors that can increase a child injury.

Parents Of Children Hard at Work

It goes without saying that the struggling economy has placed an even greater demand on adults worldwide. Longer work hours, more work at home, and for parents: the everlasting balancing act of making sure your kids are safe and getting where they need to be.

But according to the CAPT’s recent study, the financial burden of the economy is making it more difficult for parents to prevent avoidable accidents in children.

“Exhausted British parents no longer have enough time to prevent accidents and face more pressures than ever before according to the survey,” reads Monday’s news release from CAPT.

Perhaps the most shocking finding for Child Safety Week, the research team found that more than 40 percent of parents claim to be too busy “to even think about preventing their children [from] having serious accidents.” In addition, four of ten parents also admitted that they want more advice about how to keep their families safe.

“These findings are alarming,” says Katrina Phillips of the CAPT. “Work pressures and the economic downturn mean many parents now have less time to spend with their families.”

A Different Culture of Parenting

Though many parents are, and should be, disturbed by the revelations of this study, Phillips says it’s more of the norm in 2012.

“They’re exhausted, stressed and struggling to keep their heads above water,” she added. “Child safety feels like one more thing to add to an already impossible to-do list.”

Phillips, however, says the overwhelming nature of being a working parent shouldn’t deter them from working to ensure the safety of their children.

“But there are so many little things that even time-poor, stressed-out parents can do to make a big difference to (sic) their children’s safety,” Phillips said. “Parents need advice on easy ways to prevent serious accidents, so they can stay on top of safety despite all the competing pressures they face. This is why Child Safety Week is so important.”

Child Safety Week 2012

Child Safety Week takes place during the fourth week of June each year. This year, the campaign theme is “Small Steps to Safety.”

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