Causes of Wrong-Site Surgery Mistakes

Wrong-Side Surgery Errors Are More Common That You Might Think

Wrong-site (or wrong-side) surgery errors happen when a surgical operation is performed on the wrong part or side of the body. 

wrong side site surgical errors

Shockingly wrong side surgery is still surprisingly common. Common causes are:

  • Surgical staff fails to communicate with one another and does not question choices made by other staffers.
  • Surgeon fatigue caused by too many long hours spent in the operating room with few or now breaks.
  • Overworked and distracted surgical team members. Staffers often work long shifts whihc means that they may not be physically or mentally at their best at the time when the surgery is scheduled to take place.
  • Poorly train ed or inexperienced hospital personnel.

Even if they are lucky enough to survive the surgical mistake itself, wrong side surgery victims experience long term emotional side effects that can last a lifetime.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Sea

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