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Car Rental Agencies to Stop Leasing Recalled Cars

Updated on: 11/7/2019

A U.S. Senator, New York Democrat Charles Schumer introduces a proposal that will stop allowing rental car agencies to continue providing customers to access of vehicles that are named in safety recalls before the problems are actually fixed.

He says that he wants to hold rental car agencies to the same standard as car dealerships in order to prevent accident and injury for drivers of the rental cars, and other drivers on the road.

Schumer brings up the case of two women that died when their rental car caught on fire. The car’s model was in the process of a safety recall, the problem hadn’t been fixed, yet they were admitted to rent the unsafe vehicle.

He says the NHTSA found just half of rental cars identified on recall notices had their vehicle defects repaired a full year after being notified.

The personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group advise you to do some research on the car you are renting. While it does not seem like something that the customer should be responsible for, someone has to! Hopefully this law will soon be resolved to ensure safety on the roadways.

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