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4 Injured After Car Crashes Into Dim Sum King Restaurant in Seattle

Updated on: 10/26/2020

Four people were hurt Thursday after a car crashed into the front of the Dim Sum King Restaurant in the international district of Seattle. 

The crash took place around 2:00 in the afternoon on Thursday, when the sedan appears to have backed into the building on the intersection of Jackson Street and Maynard Ave.

All four injured parties were transported to the hospital for further evaluations, including two occupants from the vehicle, and two individuals who were briefly trapped inside the building after being hit and pushed further inside. 

It does not appear there were any serious injuries as a result of the incident, and authorities have stated they believe it to have been an accident at this time. 

Legal Rights and Recovery Options After Vehicle Into Building Crashes 

Vehicle into building crashes like this one are shockingly common in the united states, with a crash occurring on average as much as 60-times a day across the company.

Nearly half of all vehicle into building collisions involve "pedal error," meaning a driver simply pushing the gas when they intended to break.

The devastation that can come from vehicle into building crashes is immense, from striking people inside the building directly to causing structural damage to the building itself bringing down debris and even causing a potential collapse. 

When a person is hurt in a vehicle into building collision they have the same rights to recovery as a pedestrian injured on a street corner, but in some cases, building owners or management may have some responsibility as well.

Property owners are responsible e for ensuring that their buildings are safe for occupants, and that includes being kept safe from potential vehicle into building crashes, simple preventative measures such as bollards can provide a vital barrier between cars and vulnerable areas of buildings such as windows and seating areas. 

Proving a building owner's liability after a vehicle into building collision is more complex than a typical car accident and requires specialized skills and experience handling this type of claim. 

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, the experienced vehicle into building accident attorneys at the Davis Law Group are here to help. Call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page to request a free case evaluation. 

Call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page to request your free case evaluation 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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